UnrealScript (Code|Class) PreProcessor

This program has a project page on SourceForge that can be used for bug reports, feature requests.
Development downloads (beta releases) and additional information can be found on the UCPP page on the UnrealWiki.


UnrealScript Class PreProcessor (UCPP) is a commandline utility intended to be executed before ucc make. It adds some preprocessor features that are not possible with ucc. UCPP takes special class files with a .puc extention, processes them and generates a .uc.


Feature include directives for conditional compiled (e.g. #if ... #elif ... #else ... #endif), definitions (e.g. #define FOO bar), etc.

Check out the UCPP UnrealWiki page for a complete overview of features.


All releases (including betas) can be downloaded here.


UCPP is written by Michiel "El Muerte" Hendriks.
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It's a commandline utility with no user interface, nothing interesting to show on a screenshot.